NSM Nordic School of Management

NSM provides customized solutions for management and leadership development in Sweden and internationally. The solutions are offered through lectures, workshops, executive coaching in which the learning process is enhanced by frequent references to both theory and practice – all based in the consultants’ research and personal experience of leadership and business development.

NSM was established in 1995 by four internationally active consultancy agencies and was later acquired by Ideas by Heart in 2013. A wide array of services with regards to leadership and sales development are provided with a passion to impart competence for growth. With personal experience from working with companies such as Motorola-Google, Ericsson and ABB six consultants make out the core of the network of 40 consultancy partners.


  • Heartful Sales
  • Professional Efficiency and Pure Joy
  • Branding – it’s personal
  • Real Conflict Resolution
  • Culture Smart Leadership
  • Buildning a World Improving Business
  • Growth by Global Compact
  • The Cost of conflict at work


  • The Great Academy
  • NSM Sales Booster
  • NSM CSR 3.0

Executive Edge

  • Sales Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Project Manager


  • Executive Coaching Certificate
  • Sales Manager Coaching Certificate
  • Certificate in Conflict Competence for Managers
  • Organization Conflict Competency Assessment (OCCA)

Competence for growth based on genuine interest, solid responsibility, and daily generosity

The Workplace Conflict Resolution Centre (WCRC)

Studies show that most managers spend over 20% of their time dealing with workplace conflicts.  Until now there have been practically no business schools in Europe that equip managers to deal with conflict successfully.  The Workplace Conflict Resolution Centre is part of NSM’s sustainable solutions for creating dynamic workplace environments.  The WCR Centre is designed to help our clients build conflict resolution practices into their organization‘s culture.  We do this by coaching and resourcing our clients to equip managers and staff to competently deal with workplace conflicts that are part of every organization.


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